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iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max 24K Gold

Portable Charger 24K Gold

Galaxy S23 Ultra 24K Gold

iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max 24K Gold


Major Cineplex :

Starbucks Coffee :

Airport Limousine :

Free Enigma Cinema Seats, Once Value 4,000.- Baht

Free E-Voucher Food & Drink Value 300.- Bath/Month

Booking Free Personal Van With Driver.

Serve Only Once, pick-up&drop-off at The Airport

The Iconic Of Gold

The iPhone gold is another step of luxury fashion. The gold that we use is the most valuable and charming to make sure that our customers will shine like a gold, and the modern design that go along with the iPhone Gold makes it attractive.

Grazious Gold Co., Ltd.

Grazious Gold Co., Ltd. intends to give a valuable luxurious experience to our clients and customers. The IPhone gold takes a role as an accessory that reflects luxurious style through the rear side of the IPhone gold. The products are plated with 24k gold that has been designed by a professional designer. We want the products to have unique and iconic in itself. Moreover, Grazious Gold's Iphone gold is limited, it's available only 99 pieces for the exclusive of our clients.

Gold is the icon of wealthiness and luxurious from the value of itself. Therefore; the owner of the gold ingot or products will be known as a luxury person. In this century, jewelries or items that have gold as a material will have a higher price than usual because the goods price will depend on the gold ingot market price, so this makes the gold valuable.

iPhone, the hi-tech mobile phone that has been accepted by a lot of people due to its efficiency and personal information protection. Also the design of an iPhone model is modern, it easily suits every-day style. Grazious Gold uses the significance of those two products and adds some exclusive design for creating the luxurious limited products named “The iPhone 24K gold”. The iPhone’s frame will be plated with the pure gold, moreover every product of Grazious Gold will have its own serial no.

Grazious Gold (Thailand) wants to bring the best luxurious experience to our client along with the exclusive privilege.